Much Anticipated Sailing Trip On Hold For Now

Today we should be boarding a plane and heading to Nassau to meet up with our friend Ron. We had intentions of getting aboard Sunspray and sail around the Bahamas for 5 weeks. Instead, like everyone one else, I am on a self-isolation period with the girls. The three of us are at home trying to stay creative and entertained while Tyson is out of town on a job site.

We had been planning this sailboat trip since we came back from our last Egypt, Jordan and Israel holiday this time last year. About 4 years ago we had gone on a sailboat from Puerto Rico to Dominican, then across to Turks and Caicos for three weeks. We have kept in contact with Captain Ron throughout and arranged to set sail again with him. This time with the addition of the girls. A bit of planning went into this voyage with thoughts of how we were going to safely keep the girls on the boat without falling overboard, would they get sea sick, how would they adapt, etc. Truthfully, we were going to wing it for the most part. The girls would be wearing their life jackets for 5 weeks straight probably and possibly tied off somehow when above board on main deck. The rest we would take as it came. It’s the Bahamas after all; warm weather, salty seas, sandy beaches.

We had originally booked flights to depart January 6, 2020, but the boat was undergoing some repairs and our trip had to be postponed a bit. We heard from Captain Ron that it would be safe to book flights, so again we did for March 29. As the date got closer and closer, well we all know what happened. The world went into self-isolation mode, and here we sit, still dreaming of our sailing adventure. We are extremely grateful to all be healthy, happy and working under these circumstances. With amazing people like Ron, our spot on the sailboat will be waiting for us when it is safe to travel once again. Until then…

But as for now we can only dream of the white sand and remember our experiences from 4 years back.

Select here to dream along with us!

And watch the video version below!

5 thoughts on “Much Anticipated Sailing Trip On Hold For Now

    1. restlesscrusade

      We will hopefully schedule some time in the future to set sail again, always great getting out and learning new skills. Things always seem to happen for a reason we find, and holidays are a luxury not a necessity, although some time we feel otherwise, ha ha. Take care you two!

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    1. restlesscrusade

      Yeah we were a bit let down for sure, but in the grand scheme of things we will make it though. Everyday there is a opportunity to create something new and exciting in our lives so this isolation period will allow lots of moments for using our imagination and planning for more adventures.
      I am assuming that you are back from Merida now? What is happening with you Europe Tandem adventure?


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