We see life as a great adventure, our main passion, and an opportunity to reach our goals.  From the moment Tyson and I met in October of 2012 our life together has been one adventure after another.  We have been to many different places from backpacking in our local mountains to beaches in Trinidad and Tobago, the high altitude glaciers of Ecuador and even being crew on a sail boat in the Caribbean.  We are always looking for a new adventure to challenge ourselves.

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We both were given a gift by being raised in the amazingly beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  Within a short radius we have breathtaking lakes, champagne  power ski hills, untouched wilderness and growing economies.  Having temperature extremes of -25 C in the winter months to +40 C in the summer.  The Okanagan has 4 genuine seasons with no excuse for not getting out and being involved with what mother nature has to offer.