Silver Spray Cabin – Aug. 2017

Silver Spray cabin is a 7 km, 1016 meter elevation gain hike located in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park.  This is a grueling hike through a forest ravished by fire many years ago.  This hike goes up and up and up.  You keep looking for the end where the cabin could be and it never seems to come into view, until you are just about to give up, turn the corner and there it stands.  It is an amazing place in the middle of nowhere with mountain tarns and rocky peaks.  This luxurious cabin has everything you need to be comfortable and feel right at home.  All you need to bring is your sleeping bag and food and even a good book if you would like.  There are sleeping pads and all the cooking supplies you will ever need.  There is an old mine site to check out as well and many peaks you can scramble to the top of.  After taking in the amazing views on the day hikes you can boot ski back down to the cabin for some R & R.  Your accommodation needs to be booked in advance through the Alpine Club of Canada for $25 a night per person and is usually reserved throughout the summer months, so book early.  The trail approach is from just north of Ainsworth Hot Springs and can be fairly aggressive but as long as you have a higher clearance vehicle you should have no issues. Also this being the West Kootenays it might be a good idea to surround your vehicle with chicken wire if you are making this longer than a day hike as the nocturnal porcupines are rumoured to chew on rubber tires, brake lines and such. 

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