Packing for 4 in two 70-L backpacks

We are heading on our trip in just under a week and thought it was about time to work on our packing.  Trying to fit all 4 of us into two 70-L packs for our 2-month adventure will be our first challenge.  The girls’ clothes are small and pack down quite easily but the diapers and formula are what will take up most of the space.  We will probably need close to 40 diapers before even arriving in Cairo, and who wants to go shopping for those when we land when there are sites to be seen.

My clothes pile on the left and Tyson’s on the right.

All of Bexley and Lidija’s clothes and toys.

Everything fits! That includes 224 diapers, 2 Kirkland containers of formula, 2 bags of wet wipes and lots of everything else one could think of.  We will be trying out these Onya outback carriers for this trip as they are breathable and have front pockets for our passports etc.  These carriers even turn into a chair harness to double as a high chair when out and about.

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3 thoughts on “Packing for 4 in two 70-L backpacks

  1. Nancy Wilde

    Very exciting. That looks like an amazing pack, perfect for this event. Will be looking forward to following the adventure!
    Keep having fun you two. Love you,

    Liked by 1 person

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