16 hours of flying in 39 hours with 7 month olds

Well we made it…

kelowna – Vancouver – Westjet

Vancouver – Toronto, with an overnight – Westjet

Toronto – Cairo 9.5 hour direct flight – Egyptair

The flights all went without a hitch after spending about an hour sitting on the runway as the storm was rolling in waiting in the huge lineup to be de-iced. The girls were awesome on the first two flights. For the long haul on Egyptair we were upgraded seats to the middle seat blocked out for us to sit together as well as two bassinets for the girls.

These were a lifesaver. So nice to be able to be hands free. They loved the bassinets, sometimes just sitting in them playing with their toys and other times sleeping. They only slept for about 90 mins total but were smiley and happy the entire flight. We had two poppy blowouts resulting in a wardrobe malfunction (good thing I brought a change for each of them). I brought 10 diapers and we ended up using 9. We had great meals consisting of chicken, pasta, and salad with black forest cake; a turkey sandwich; scrambled eggs, steamed veggies, and fruit. Even the girls got baby food in jars. Upon arrival in Cairo we were greeted by our driver with a sign and were on our way to our hotel.

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