Sugarloaf Mountain

We have been itching to get out and enjoy some hiking close to where we live. Today was the day to summit Sugarloaf Mountain. This hike is located just a few kilometres north of Fintry on Westside Road, between Vernon and Kelowna.

It isn’t a really challenging trek but a good one to get out and get your heart rate elevated. The hike is a 6 km round trip, 400 meter elevation gain with rewarding views at the top. The forrest service road is a tad rough and parking is minimal at the trailhead; probably room for about 4 or so vehicles along side there.

The trail starts off gradual and then heads up the hill with switchbacks. It is fairly treed making it nice and cool as you hike to the top. There are a few peak-a-boo views of the surrounding scenery and off grid houses nearby.

We had the girls in tow, in the Dueter backpacks, as well as our good friend Bryan. The flowers were just starting to bloom so another week or so they would be brightly coloured. Everything was really green surrounding us. The trail was well hiked with only a few fallen trees across it, but definitely manageable to step over.

Once at the top there were really nice views of the valley, mountains and Lake Okanagan. There was a small spot to sit and relax for a snack and take in the views.

This is the perfect hike to do spring, summer or fall. The trees provide great shade and the views from the top are amazing. We took our time on this one with it being about a 3-hour round trip from trailhead to trailhead, but it could be done much faster if you wanted to get in a quick hike after work one day.

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