Tony’s Craft Cidery

This little gem is just off Highway 6 in Lavington. Last weekend we passed by it on our way home from our Kaslo trip and felt we needed to see what it is all about.

The sun was shining so we headed out to pay a visit to the Cidery. We stopped in for a little $2 tasting to decide just which cider I would enjoy with our lunch. Most weekends they have a food truck on site, but today, being a bit late in the season we missed out. Luckily, they do have homemade samosas and cheese platters to satisfy your pallet.

We ordered up a cider and apple juice with 4 samosas and enjoyed them sitting on the patio in the sun. The perfect spot to appreciate a little quite visit to the orchard with your family in tow.

They also have fresh grown fruits and veggies available as well.

Its places like these that makes the Okanagan an amazing place to live. A great way to get out, see some new sights and support your local businesses.

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