Pinnacle Lake

With this “heat dome” temperature increase we decided to pack into the truck and head for the Monashees with neighbour Bruce for one of our favourite hikes. We have done this one a few times, first time as a day hike then another as an overnight. See our previous blog for more details.

We arrived at the parking lot to several other vehicles already there. The truck temperature gauge said 17 which was perfect hiking temperature. With the girls all loaded up in the Deuter backpacks with plenty of snacks and water we were on our way. First up, crossing the creek. This is now done by way of a fallen tree laying across the water with a rope strung between trees to help guide you. Once across we carried on winding through the forest, crossing over small streams, avalanche shoots and lots of muddy patches. As we broke free the suction of our boots we noticed fresh bear prints in the mud.

The valley eventually opened up in a large clearing where the trail crosses the creek at a large boulder. Scampering across the log jam and over the rock was a bit challenging with the precious cargo on our backs. This is where the views really start to shine.

In the clearings is where we were reminded that the stinging nettle was out in full force. That was our next challenge, to avoid it as best we could. After around the 3km mark the trail shifted and we started to climb. The final kilometre is where you gain most of your elevation as the switchbacks take us along the amazing waterfall and right to the lake. This is the earliest we have hiked this trail before and the water was so much more than just a trickle like you see in late summer.

As we got within 10 minutes of reaching the lake the snow was now unavoidable. We found ourselves walking ever so gingerly trying not to posthole too deep, or side slip into the creek with each step.

Upon arriving at the lake we were greeted by a handful of other day hikers including a family with young children who arrived the night before. There was still ice floating around the lake and large patches of snow on the shore. We got the girls out of the packs and let them run around, ate some lunch, visited and enjoyed the cooler temperatures.

The June hike made for much more scenic views as the snow melts down the rock face across the lake. Everything was green and the air was crisp. Now all packed up it was then time to head back down to reality. We walked along the creek as far as we could. We were forced to rejoin the trail as the rock steepened and the water plunged over the cliff turning it into a free fall.

The girls had wanted to get out and walk for most of the descent but the off access terrain, snowy patches and large mud sections kept them in the packs. For the final km of the trek we pulled the girls out and let them run the rest of the way down.

Once we were back at the truck we enjoyed the cold water we had stored in coolers while the girls cooled down in the creek. It was 17 degrees Celsius when we started the hike and when we returned it was 31 degrees and 36 in town. The total time from parking lot round trip was 6.5 hours for the 7.8 km hike (round trip). We did take our time on the way up at 2.5 hours, then a few hours enjoying the lake before returning back down. With the elevation gain, our weighted packs and the heat, we didn’t want to really push ourselves. We were more into enjoying the wilderness and the gifts of mother nature.

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