Prepping for Aconcagua

Tyson and I have an ongoing list of dreams that we want to reach in our life time. As everyone knows, if you are not constantly working towards them, they will never come. Over the last while we have been planning, preparing, saving, training and researching for one of those goals. So this New Year we will be flying south to Argentina and creating the opportunity to climb Aconcagua. The possibility of this idea popped into our heads about six weeks ago so we have scrambled since then to gather up what we need to take on the big mountain.

Aconcagua is called the summit of South America and is the tallest peak on the continent standing at 6960m (22 838′) above sea level. Not only that is is the tallest in both the southern and western hemisphere it is the tallest peak outside the Himalayan mountain range. Our expedition consists of 13 hiking and acclimatization days, 2 rest days and a 2-day window for bad weather that may postpone our summit push.

There are a lot of pieces towards planning a trip like this. COVID has also made things not quite as smooth as it could be. We used a travel agent for flights, which we have never done in the past. Travel agents know all the ins and outs about COVID screening rules and our travel agent has been a huge asset for us. Also, travel, trip interruption/pandemic plan, COVID insurance is also a big must have right now with the ever changing rules and restrictions from day to day.

We have been fitness training regularly, trying to gain strength and confidence with every day that passes. We have been tied close with our local retail shop, Valhalla Pure Outfitters, for the latest gear we are needing and they have been working non stop for us communicating with different reps and vendors to get everything here as soon as they can. With COVID, Christmas holidays and the major flooding at the lower mainland in BC the shipping logistics have been nothing but challenging for them. Huge shout out to the crew there, and if anyone needs any outdoor equipment they will have you covered!

We have been thinking positively and just awaiting our big travel day. We will be landing in Argentina on the 30th of December and celebrating New Years in Mendoza at the foot of the mountains. As long as COVID screening comes back in our favour and the Canadian government doesn’t make any travel bans things should all go as planned.

As for the girls, they unfortunately will not be joining us on this adventure. They will be staying back in Canada with the grandparents, for the 7000 metres and sleeping in a tent as -20°C is a bit too much for them to tag along.

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