Mount Revelstoke National Park – July 2017

A 2 night backpacking trip in the sub alpine to Eva and Jade lake.  We planned on staying a night at each of the lakes but the Rangers in the entry booth told us there was too much snow at Jade Lake to camp, so we enjoyed both nights at Eva Lake instead.  We parked in an over crowded parking lot that was bursting with wildflowers and walked 1 km to the trail head (there was a free shuttle as well).  We enjoyed the 7km relatively level hike into Eva lake and set up camp.  We were the only tent there the first night resulting in a tranquil evening of sunset and mountain reflections.  At dusk we heard some screeching and confrontation coming from across Eva lake so kept a watch on the area.  Out of the trees popped what we assumed to be a wolverine graciously lurking across the rock path at the far end of the lake before disappearing back into the trees.  These creatures are very rare and Shannon could not believe her eyes.  The following day we hiked past Miller lake and towards Jade Lake stopping at the ridge rather than dropping the final 600m down to Jade Lake itself.  Up to this point we only encountered a minor bit of snow.  We scrambled around a bit on the surrounding mountains, ate some lunch then headed back to Eva where the rest of the tent pads had now filled up with a family and a few couples.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather, the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect.  When leaving the park we asked at the entry booth if wolverines frequent the area and they said yes they did live in the vicinity so that confirmed the sighting, probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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