Failed Winter Camp Overnighter – Dec. 2017

Today Tyson, myself and our friend Bryan set out to do an overnight backpacking hike into Spectrum Lake in the Monashee mountain range.  It was a 2-hour drive from our home and a 6 km easy hike….. in the summer months.  We assumed there would be snow but we didn’t know to what extent.  The main logging road was ploughed so we thought we were doing good.  30kms in the bush we then came across a downed tree which the guys quickly jumped into action with their saw and hatchet to chopped the tree up enough to move it off the road.  As we continued on we followed lots of fresh deer tracks on the now unworn path.  We passed the turnoff to Rainbow Falls and as we got to the switchback in the road we knew this was the make it or break it point.  We attempted to get the truck up the steep road in 4 low but weren’t really getting anywhere. As we slid and spun out on the incline we made the call to turn around and just make it a day outing, as there was still another almost 15 km to go before we would reach the parking lot.  We ventured back to the Rainbow Falls road to park the truck and trudged  our way in the knee deep snow the 1.5 km down to the cascade.  At the falls there were 2 viewing platforms that were donated by local companies then Tyson found a way to go a little further.  Both Bryan and Tyson wanted to see if they could get behind the falls.  They made it a pretty good ways but were soaking wet from head to toe.  We journeyed back to the truck and heading out by the early afternoon.  To finish up our day we stopped in at the Roadhouse Pub in Cherryville and had some deep fried pickles and a burger before heading home.  Even though we never made it to the desired goal it was still the improvised journey that made everything amazing and memorable!


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