Palm Springs – Jan. 2018

Time for a little snow bird get away, 8 days down in Palm Springs with Shannon’s parents.  Leaving the western Canadian winter for some amazing blue sky and 25+ degree weather.

As you fly into the airport you can’t help but notice the vast contrast.  Brilliant blue sky and flat desert sand floor sandwiched between two lateral mountain ranges.  Not to mention the vibrant green golf courses terracotta roof tiles and an endless amount of wind turbines.

Our first little adventure together brought us to the Coachella Valley Preserve directly on top of the San Andreas fault line.  There is a network of trails winding its way over the desert sand through low growing scrub brush and entering to boardwalks over clear pools of water shaded by towers of palm trees.

We spent a relaxing morning at Sunnylands Centre and Gardens at the Annenberg estate.  Tranquil walks through the gardens, hearty lunch at the cafeteria and enjoyed a guided tour through the 200 acres of landscape.

A third hike had us exploring Big Morongo Canyon Preserve were they claim to have bears and cougars but I am not so sure. There was however active bird life, vista viewpoints and opportunities for adventure.  We stopped on our return at Dillion’s Burgers and Beers for a cheap and home made meal at the oldest building in Palm Springs.

College of the Dessert has a unique market through the day on Saturdays and Sundays selling everything from hats to paintings and homemade liquorice.  Palm Springs on Thursday evenings also has a street fair with similar vendors but on a much larger scale with musicians, crafts and food carts.

Our days were filled with hiking, shopping and relaxing near the poolside.  A great way to  take a break from the snowy streets and cooler temperatures of back home in January.

Check out more videos from Restless Crusade here!

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