Cosens Falls – April 2018

Shannon and I decided to take an little stroll into our favourite local spot, Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.  From the Cosens Bay parking lot you walk the 3kms, a one hour up and over the hill towards the lake.  You cross the open grassy field and enjoy the amazing views the entire way.  This hike in the park is elusive for most as nearly everyone does not even know that there is a waterfall at all.  The easiest way to get there is to head all the way down to the lake then take the small trail on the left that climbs gently along the tree line.  You will shortly come across a small barely used trail that ducks into the trees on your right, you will want to take this.  The hike can be very deceiving and you will get a feeling that you are not in the correct place as you can never really hear the waterfall until you are nearly at it.  You will know you are in the right place if you look up and see the power lines overhead.  Many have tried to cross into the trees early, locate the creek then follow it up to the falls.  This sounds like a plan but the creek actually dips subterranean so there is a chance that you will never actually come across the creek at all, and if you do locate it there is a high quantity of dead fall making this route very challenging.  One of my favourite parts about this waterfall is the diversity as the seasons change.  The spring time is best for water volume due to snow melt, summer months has barely a trickle and if you forge the snow in the winter you will come across the ice column but you get the chance to walk behind the falls without actually getting wet.  Also for the adventurous type, there is a bolted climbing route up the right side of the falls if you care to enjoy.

Don’t forget to enjoy the video a the bottom!

Cosens Falls Map

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park Map


Shannon in the grass field


Mule deer in the passing


Shannon enjoying the falls

Tyson with the water

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