Abbott Ridge – July 2018

We have been on a bit of a hiatus as we had twin girls towards the end of June.  Once we got into the groove of life with two newborns we decided it was time to venture out again and get back to our adventurous life.  Sunday, July 22, we decided to take on a bit of a big hike up Abbott Ridge in Glacier National Park


It was an elevation gain of 1029 meters and a 10.8 km round trip (taking the shortcut trail).  This hike consisted of very step switchbacks through the forest to an open meadow in the subalpine with more switchbacks to the ridge which followed up and up to the top.  It took us a little longer to hike this time as the girls demanded to be fed here and there.  Once at the top we were lucky enough to have amazing weather and were able to stay up there for quite some time enjoying the 360 degree views of the mountain tops and glaciers off in the distance. 




Hiking with these two little ones was a bit of a change from our previous adventures, but I don’t think it will slow us down much in terms of the adventures to come, just season them with what we love to do at an early age.

The summit of Abbott Ridge

We made it to the top with our future hikers in the making

Have a peak at the video about the hike and some of the details involved if you want to enjoy the adventure yourself.

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