Wells Gray – Aug. 2018

We set out on our first camping trip with our 6 week old twins.  Up to Clearwater we went so that Tyson could kayak the Clearwater river and we could explore Wells Gray Provincial Park.  We arrived mid afternoon, just in time to meet up with Natalie and Leanne at the rivers edge for Tyson to join them.  I dropped Tyson off and then the girls and I proceeded to the Clearwater KOA campground.  As soon as we checked in it started pouring rain.  It was coming down so hard we couldn’t even get out of the truck to set up camp.  After two diaper blowouts and a feeding later Tyson and Natalie arrived back at the site and the rain had subsided.  Tyson and Natalie set up the rain canopy and tent and then we got settled in.  

First night with two 6 week olds in a tent went without a hitch.  The girls slept in a Brica bassinet together.  They had their usual wake ups to fed but other than that pretty uneventful.  We woke up to Bexley having a few mosquito bites on her head and face; there must have been one in with us overnight.  That morning Tyson and Natalie went kayaking again while the girls and I stayed back and relaxed.  I chose to attempt going for a shower.  So I packed the girls up in their car seats and headed for the showers. There was just enough room to put the two seats side by side in the dry side of the shower stall and for me to squeeze by into the shower.  Both slept peacefully.  Once all cleaned up we ventured out for a walk, with the Weego baby carrier which carries both babies on the front together, to the tourist info booth. They had a wealth of information for us to plan our next day of sightseeing.

We decided to go from the furthest main point of attraction back to the entrance of the Park.

First stop, Helmcken Falls.  At 47.5 km into Wells Gray Provincial Park the Murtle River free-falls 462 meters into a plunge pool below. This is the famous fall to see in this park.  We threw the babies in their Boba carriers and hiked the 5 minutes to the viewing area. Quite a spectacular view.  We then had a picnic lunch and continued on our way.

Next stop, Dawson Falls.  At 40.8 km, this 10 minute hike into the falls was well worth it. The picture says it all.

We then proceeded to Green Mountain Tower which was 5 km off the main road. We drove right to the base of the tower and climbed the stairs to the top which gave 360 degree views of the mountain tops.  This was not a must view but  could be a nice lunch spot on a hot day.  Moul Falls is at kilometre 21.  This is a MUST see for sure.  It is a round trip hike into the falls of 5 km. Once you get to the top of the falls you take the trail to the left around and down down down into the canyon base.  There, with babies in tow in the Boba carriers, we were able to walk behind the falls.  So refreshing on the hot day it was.

Our last and final attraction was the other park famous falls of Spahats Falls.  This was at kilometre 10.3 and was a 5 minute walk from the parking lot.  We hiked out to the viewing deck to see the canyon walls and cascading waterfall.
We spent three nights tenting it with our 6 week old girls and I would say it was definitely a change from being just the two of us but a welcomed addition to our life.

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