Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

After 8+ hours on the Go-Bus and multiple check stops (including two military stops having to take bags off the bus for searching) we made it to Sharm El-Sheikh. The girls pretty much slept the entire time again.

We grabbed a cab for 100 LE, which was way too much for where he took us, but we didn’t know how far away our hotel was. The cabbie dropped us off at the end of the main pedestrian only street and told us our hotel was only a 20 meter walk. Half a kilometre later we found it! It was in a really nice part of town with wide walking path, very very clean, and no litter at all. At Kanabesh Village and were offered a variety of different rooms. We chose the one that had a roof top patio, king sized bed as well as a few more twin beds. It could have easily slept 6 people. It had a nice pool (not heated) and breakfast was included in our price at $35 a night. We quickly dropped our packs and headed back to the streets to find a place to eat.

The following morning after breakfast we headed out to find a SCUBA dive company. At the end of the beach front Promenade we found Oonas Dive Club with a nice hotel attached to it. Everyone was so lovely there we decided to change to their hotel making it easier with the girls and diving and costing us $31 a night. Our room had a king sized bed and a crib in it along with a balcony with both sea and mountain views. Oonas was very accommodating letting us take the girls on the dive boat for the day so Tyson could enjoy the first dive in the morning while I watched the girls then we would swap roles after lunch. We completed 5 days of diving and nearly 11 hours underwater with the girls earning their sea legs on the boat 3 of the days. I stayed back at the hotel with the girls one of the days because Lidija was sick with a cold and not feeling well. The Red Sea has an amazing reputation among snorkelers and divers alike with its amazing visibility, vibrant coloured reef and fish and not to mention the sheer volume of marine life in the area. We were definitely not disappointed and would recommend this experience to anyone that enjoys these types of activities. img_2942DCIM100GOPROGOPR0754.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0758.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0765.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0806.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0831.

Towards the end of our days here in Sharm Bexley got the cold too so both the girls were now coughing with runny noses but still in pretty good spirits.

Over the days we could feel the humidity building and the clouds gathering which resulted in a rainy day in the desert. The locals mentioned that it hadn’t rained in the previous 18 months. This unfortunately brought out the mosquitos which feasted on all of us nightly, with the girls getting the brunt of them.

We did manage to sneak one beach day in while here. This was actually quite tricky as the beach was closed at sunset and diving put us on the boat from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

It also came time to find another blood work lab day for Tyson. I had spotted one on our way into town so we took a cab (40 LE each way) and found Beta Labs with a locked door in what seemed like an abandoned mall. Tyson tried the door anyway and pretty much broke the lock before a young man came rushing over to let us in. With an extremely large language barrier and a bit of confusion on when the blood was going to be drawn Tyson sat down right then and had it done. This time it only cost 50 LE, and 4 hours later a doctor called us with the results. Numbers are good so we do not have to fly home early!

Wifi was offered at all hotels main areas and most restaurants but seemed to be consistently unreliable so I bought a SIM card with 10 GB data and 500 local minutes for 300 LE. This should be more than enough to book flights, bus, hotels, FaceTime family, and google for the remaining time we have here in Egypt.

With the ancient pyramids of Giza and now the under water world of the Red Sea enjoyed we are on our way inland for the open air museum of LUXOR and all that goes along with it.

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3 thoughts on “Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

  1. Jan

    I think I’m reading this out of order but your stories are great to hear. You could be house bound if you were home as it’s been cold. About 6”of snow in the last couple days but still -13. So nice to hear about the beaches and diving. The photos are beautiful.. continue having so much fun!


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