The Pumpkin Patch – October 2019

Warm sunny fall days means time to get outside. The St. Anne’s pumpkin patch is the perfect safe place to let the girls explore.

You can take your time picking just the perfect pumpkin for you or just enjoy the day walking around the fields. This pumpkin patch is the most reasonable in our area with pumpkin prices that range from $1-3, baby gourds 5 for $1 and small corn stalks 5 for $1. There is an overabundance to choose from as well.

The sisters immediately found some corn in the dirt and started gnawing away. With still battling the “everything in their mouth stage”, I guess there are worse things they could have found to be eating right?!

We met up with Tia, a local photographer with Hourglass Photography who snapped a few shots of the girls. Bexley and Lidija had just woken up so they were a bit unsure of the whole situation and had their serious faces on for most of the photos.


After our 20 minute session we wandered around and found a few pumpkins, corn stalks and baby gourds to take home.

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