Davison Orchard – October 2019

Fall is the time when we get caught up on chores around the house. Things that we have been procrastinating on all summer while enjoying the outdoors. Today we finished them up and still had a bit of the day left so decided to head over to Davison Orchards to let the girls run around and see the animals.

There is lots to do there besides just buy pumpkins and all the yummy other things they sell. They have a tractor ride (which Bexley was terrified over even just the loud tractor so we stayed away), tons of play equipment, duck races, hay bails to climb on, animals to pet, etc.

We wandered around and let the girls run. They were a little bit hesitant because it is a very popular place, especially this time of year. We most likely went at the prime time on a Saturday so that didn’t help the situation. They have a ton of parking with even traffic directors letting you know where to go. I am not one for crowds, but because everything is so spread out here it didn’t seem too bad at all.

Bexley and Lidija always feel the need to pick out a pumpkin everywhere we go so they were super excited with the variety here.

Last but not least we ended up at the giant pumpkin weigh in where we saw some impressively massive pumpkins.

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