Cross Country Ski: Silverstar, B.C.

Two seasons ago I decided I wanted to try cross country skiing so I jumped right in and purchased a pass at our local mountain Silverstar just outside of Vernon, B.C. Tyson regularly buys a My1Pass which includes down hill and cross country skiing, snow shoeing, fat bike trails, tubing and skating at the local pond. Back in 2018 we made it our mission to complete every single cross country run on the mountain that season. This was also the time I found out I was pregnant with the girls. We succeeded our goal after completing the 55kms of trails and exploring the winter wonderland that Silverstar has to offer.

This year I didn’t get a pass but figured we should still get out and enjoy the season, this time with the girls in tow. The girls weigh in at almost 20 lbs now but are still light enough to hitch a ride on us. I chose the front carry in the Onya while Tyson selected the back carrier with the Dueter kid comfort III.

Family journey.

From the moment we started Bexley was cheering and laughing. She was loving every minute of it. Lidija was also excited but her vision was limited. She needed to peer over my shoulder to see Tyson and Bexley behind us. After a couple of kilometres we reached the Mountain View Cabin where we relaxed and ate the lunch we had packed along. Both girls loved the picnic in the toasty warm cabin with the fire roaring.

Mountain View Cabin.
Unbeatable lunch spot with its new wood stove.
Bexley outside the Mountain View Cabin.
Lidija keeping warm in the snow.

With our skies back on and the girls loaded up we continue on looping past the reservoir and up to The Wild Horseman Cabin. From here we followed the Bridal trail under the Silver Queen chair lift and completed our journey back at the parking lot.

Shannon and Lidija plugging along.
Tyson and Bexley on the trails.

Being outdoors and breathing in the fresh mountain air seems to put a smile on everyones face. This combined with Silverstar’s friendly atmosphere has everyone smiling from ear to ear. You come across so many others and are always greeted with a hello and a smile. There is a pleasant mix of skiers, bikers, snowshoers and dog walkers that all have a common interest, the love of getting outdoors and enjoying our surroundings.

Lidija peaking in on Bexley’s nap.