Baldy Butte Snowshoe

The sun was shining on this Sunday morning so we felt the need to get out and enjoy today. After Tyson being gone 25 days for work we were craving to head into the wilderness for a snowshoe. The girls are still not in love with the cold air or white stuff, so putting them down can be challenging. They love the backpack carriers and just want to hang out in them, even when we stop for snacks.

Today we chose to head up King Edward FSR, just outside Vernon, to find some snow. The road was quite icy, but we had no issues climbing the switchbacks in four wheel drive. After 5km we reached the pullout where the trailhead to Pinnacles and Baldy Butte begins.

We strapped on our snow shoes, tossed the girls in the packs and headed out into the trees. The sun glistened through the pines and sparkled off the ice crystals. After a short while we left the trees and started the short climb up the bald face to the high point.

The top is actually the take off point for avid paragliders in our area and you can see their wind sock and other paraphernalia in the trees. It also doubles as an amazing lookout for outstanding views overlooking the Coldstream valley, and Kalamalka Lake to the west. East, you have the cliffs of the Pinnacle and Rim Rock hiking trails, and if you peak through the trees you can catch a few glimpses of the Monashee mountains to the north.

We took a short break with a bite of a sandwich and let the girls out for a stretch. The wind had a bit of a bite to it so our break was short lived, and after a quick descent and a zip through the foliage we were back at the truck. Tyson and I have been up here many times over the years and the scenery is always pristine. It is such a short and simple journey with next to nothing for travel time. Makes for a breath of fresh air after work on a Tuesday or even a perfect place to enjoy the city lights once the sun goes down.

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