Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park – January 2020

As the girls are just over 18 months old now we both agree that we want to have them involved in a more active and outdoor lifestyle. So as we turn the page into this new decade we hope to start things off right. There was a break in the multiple inches of snow that had been falling over the past several days so we decided to head out to our favorite local park and hike around.

There were a few other cars in the parking lot when we arrived, but no one around other than a snowman watching over everything. We loaded the girls up in the packs, we have one MEC child carrier, and one Dueter Kid Comfort 3, that we are testing out to see which we will like better comfort wise.

We started out on a trail and headed to a viewpoint to take in the sun peaking through the many clouds. As you scan the scenery you can see all the summer cabins to the east, follow the length of the lake to the south and the ponderosa pine forests to the west and north.

Kalamalka Lake

We got a little off course and ended up not quite where we wanted, but in the words of JR. Tolken ” Not all who wander are lost”. The girls were happily enjoying the ride and we were loving the snowy wooded forest.

Hiking through Kal Park

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park is wonderful in all seasons. Spring is amazing for its wild flowers and waterfalls. We love coming here in the summer to play in the calm warm waters and relax on the beach (well, as much as one can with toddlers). Fall is perfect for the quiet nature and cooler days. Then our winter is mild enough that we are lucky to be able to be hiking around here now too. It is so beautiful, quiet and you can even see wildlife if you are in luck.

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