The Pond – November 2019

This is one of our go to places when we only have a few hours free, and it is super close to home as well. Once you get to Lavington you have to head 14 kms or so up Noble Canyon FSR, and within 30 minutes we can be at this beautiful spot enjoying a nice little picnic on the boardwalk.

We have been here a few times before, once not too long after we had met and then about 2 weeks before the girls were born. Every time we get out here we have been all alone to enjoy the peace and quiet that lies here. It is nice a close to home but makes you feel as though you are in pure solitude.

It was only about 4 degrees Celsius out and the pond was frozen over. The ice was pretty thick as well but we still didn’t chance walking on it just in case. We enjoying a little picnic mid boardwalk and took in the quiet surroundings.

We then continued on our walk around the pond. The girls collected leaves and twigs, ran and laughed and might have had a fall or two as well. Full loop around the pond is only really 500 meters or so but there is also a network of other trails branching off that we are yet to discover.

If you are looking for something to do close to home (Vernon) and have a vehicle that can handle a bit of a bumpy logging road then be sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Another couple kilometers down the road you also arrive at Becker Lake, a great place to launch the aluminum boat and head out fishing for the day.

Going a bit further on the road gets you to this amazing view of the valley below

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