BX Creek/Falls – October 2019

This little gem is just a hop, skip and a jump from our front door. BX Creek and Falls is a beautiful place to visit if you are wanting to get out and enjoy a short hike and lovely waterfall. If you are looking for something a bit longer, there is also a 1-1.5 hour one way hike you can take if you park at the lower Star Road entrance.

The fall days are starting to get a bit more unpredictable with the weather so this short little hike fit in nicely after Tyson was off work for the day. There are 89 stairs you take to get down to the falls which have just been completely redone and make things a lot easier then before (well they were in their final stages of completion when we ventured in).

We decided it would be a great place to take a few family photos in hopes that the girls would also be in good moods to smile for the camera. We met up with a local photographer Shane Collins Photography and things went almost better than planned. The girls were very excited to be out running free to explore anything they could get their hands on. Shane was amazing to work with. He was very relaxed and casual, making us all feel very comfortable, joking around and entertaining us with great conversation.

After our 1 hour session with Shane and 20 minutes return trip walk made for a perfect after work break in the week. The cedar forest, damp soil and fresh air makes for a peaceful and relaxing stroll. These falls are a perfect setting all year round but use extra caution in the winter as the trail and stairs can be icy. My favorite time is in the spring when the snow is melting and the water level is at its highest.

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