Twin Lakes – August 2019

We are always hiking just our little family of 4, but today we had good company, our friends and neighbors Mike, Kara, Cohen, Beck and Sienna. This hike has been on our mind for quite some time but just never got around to it. There is a lot of talk about how amazing the area is and we wanted an unbeatable blue sky day to really take it all in. The day finally came with perfect weather and great company. We drove the 40 kms on pavement then another nearly 40km into the bush up some rather aggressive logging roads. The route was well signed and fairly rough. Large ruts, steep hills and ample amounts of water bars to limit the erosion.  When we arrived the parking lot was not at all what we expected.  The overflow parking was even at a premium and people were parking anywhere they could find a spot.  Normally you go into the back country to get away from the rat race and enjoy the peace and quite, today would be different we figured.  As we started our journey in we passed several hiking out. They had all spent the night and someone had mentioned there were 17 tents set up under the stars. This meant we would be passing many more hikers.

The hike starts off  rather steep.  Up and up you go before it spits you out into the subalpine.  Large green meadows filled with wildflowers upon the backdrop of rocky peaks and glaciers in the distance.  From here you meander the obvious trail over a ridge upon another grassy field.  Looking back you can see the camels hump mountain, Silver Star ski hill and other known peaks in the area.  Continuing on through the rolling mountain you veer to the right where you reach the pass.  Here you can gaze down onto your final destination.  1.5h to get here and a quick 20 minute descend to the gorgeous  Twin Lakes.  So much beauty out there.  Even with the amount of people, the peace and tranquility is still there.  This is like a completely different world out here.  Such crisp, clean air.

Once we arrived at the lake we found a quiet shady spot.  The kids played in the cold water and we settled in for lunch.  It was such an amazing day that Mike, Cohen and Beck actually went for a swim.  With the lake siting at 2150m and the ice melting off maybe 5 weeks prior its hard to believe it would be that warm.  Cold but refreshing I guess.  We relaxed on shore with our shoes off for over an hour.

This is one of those places where you could spend all day just looking around and taking in the beauty of mother nature.  And as luck have it, off in the distance we had a second encounter with Mr. T-Rex.  He was prancing through the fields and even came down to the waters edge for a drink.  All others in the area seemed fairly entertained by this rare encounter.

We packed up our belongings and started the hike out. We were already planning our return trip where we intend to bring our overnight packs and spend a few days just relaxing and exploring the surroundings. The 4kms out took roughly 1.5 hours before we returned back to out waiting truck. We enjoyed some cool drinks on the tailgate and revelled in our amazing adventure with our perfect hiking partners. Thanks crew for all the memories.

4 thoughts on “Twin Lakes – August 2019

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