Paddle Boarding on Kalamalla Lake

This year we picked up two, new to us, paddle boards with hopes we could cruise the lake as a family. We have seen many people with kids and dogs on the water and thought this could be a great family outing. This was our third attempt with the girls. The first time around both girls cried the entire time as we sat with them and paddled the 50 meters out to the buoys and back at Kal beach. On our second try, there was a small amount of sobbing initially due to someone wearing the wrong color life jacket, then things got better with both girls getting confident enough to stand up with us on the boards. We probably made it a couple hundred meters as we looped near the pier and tried to distract them with the lake weeds and fish sightings. Third times the charm as we launched the boards at Kirkland beach and set off for the morning.

We started out in a counter clock wise loop heading west towards Kal beach then south down the western shores towards the Country Club. Once we reached the last of the houses we cut across the lake and continued north up the eastern shore. This real estate tour has ever changing scenery as you glide past some spectacular lake front homes. We eventually found a quiet stretch of water off Sovereign Park where we pontooned together for some snacks and a little relax.

The girls did great. Bexley even had a small slip off the paddle board side, but with Tyson’s quick reflexes she only dunked in the water with him catching her by her ankle before getting to far away. Only a couple of tears but nothing a few dad hugs couldn’t take care of. Tyson had sprained his ankle a week prior so by the end of our journey it wasn’t feeling too good. I guess the quick lunge to grab Bexley as well as standing in one spot and stabilizing the board for 2+ hours can cause some irritation. All in all we are now confident that we could go for a much longer day on the paddle boards since everyone seems to enjoy being on the open water. Who knows maybe next year the girls can paddle us around.

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