Farmstrong Cidery

We recently purchased an investment property in Enderby, a real fixer upper of a 3-plex. This is not the first time we have talked about Enderby in our writeups as last year we hiked up one of the cities most famous sights, The Enderby Cliffs and Tyson regularly enjoys Kayaking down the Shuswap river during the winter runoff season (watch video here). The renovations involved do however result in making numerous trips back and forth. Every time I drive that route one of the billboards catches my eye, Farmstrong Cidery. On our way home one day we decided to stop in to check it out. It is a wee bit tucked away from the main highway, as you follow the yellow bottles you find yourself lost in the countryside, and it is well worth the journey.

When we pulled into the place we noticed several vehicles and wondered if we would even be able to get a table to enjoy lunch. We got parked and meandered around a bit before we arrived to the lineup at the restaurant entrance. Standard social distancing markers on the ground with hand sanitizer were in place, however the line moved quite quickly. At the front we were warmly greeted and ready to place our order. We gave or names and phone number and were whisked inside to a perfect table. Spacious seating with endless views from the floor to ceiling windows and plenty of room for the girls to wander while we waited for our food.

The girls entertained themselves and each other very well, drank and spilled all the waters as they chased ice cubes in our glasses. Once the food arrived we knew instantly that it was going to be amazing.

After lunch we explored the surrounding orchard as the girls chased the fallen fruit. The relaxed atmosphere, delicious meal and casual country setting left us feeling overly content for the remainder of the drive back to Vernon. I think it is safe to say that we will return again for a second round, good thing we still have lots of renos to do!

3 thoughts on “Farmstrong Cidery

  1. tandemgogo

    I’ve heard loads of good things about this place. I think it’s time we pay it a visit.
    On a side note, we will be spending the winter in Enderby instead of going to Mexico, so we’ll give you a wave as we go by your project as we walk around all bundled up from the cold. Best of luck with the renovations.


    1. tysonheadhotmailcom

      Sorry to hear that you can not make it south, you will just have to get some studs for that little blue bullet of yours? You renting a place in Enderby for the cooler months then? Reno’s are moving along. One unit nearly finished and ready to tear apart the next, hopefully next week.


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