A family snowshoe; the final day of 2020

Just a hop skip and a jump away is Kalamalka Provincial Park anxiously awaiting visitors with open arms.

We bundled up the girls and were out exploring the freshly covered snowy trails in mid morning. We started off having the girls walk along with us and empty packs on out backs. 300m in, the trail narrowed and increased its grade so Bexley decided she would rather be in the Dueter kid comfort carrier. We made her push on until we reached a main trail and then loaded her up. Lidija on the other hand ran ahead while Tyson and I slipped into our snowshoes. Tyson and Bexley enjoyed knocking snow off all the tree branches ahead of us while Lidija powered through, running along the gradual inclined trail. By the time she asked to finally go into the Dueter backpack an hour had passed.

We thought about packing a lunch but figured we wouldn’t be out that long. With Lidija pulling her own weight it made the hike a tad longer then expected. But we would never discourage the girls from trekking on their own. They are currently “in training” for the upcoming summer overnight backpacking trips, haha. I had packed a few snacks which we would enjoy when we got to the top lookout where we could view the lake.

The sun wasn’t shining but the view was amazing and the temperature was just right, hovering right around zero. The added bonus was that there was no one up on the ridge either. The descend was a lot quicker as the girls were getting a bit cranky being tired and cold (they didn’t want to keep their mitts while eating).

A splendid 2.5 hour adventure in one of our favourite parks. We are very fortunate that our girls enjoy the outdoors almost as much as we do. This made for a perfect end to 2020 and will lead the way into the next 365 days of possibilities ahead.

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