Family Skate On The Local Pond

With the weather being mild so far this winter we have been fortunate to be able to get outside and enjoy.

With the thermometer showing -7 we were a bit hesitant to head to the pond, but the sun was shining so we chose to go for it. Our girls are still under three and don’t particularly enjoy the cold weather, and having never put skates on their feet it could make for a very short outing. We have a local pond just up the street from where we live that acts as a bird haven in the summer months. In the winter however, it is a back yard skating rink to many. To get there you take a short hike on Middleton Mountain, through McKergow Meadows to access the what us locals call Mud Lake.

Meeting Tyson’s parents there, we sat down on our dreaming of summer beach chairs for an easy lace up and onto the ice we glided. Both girls were extreamely unsure at first. As usual, Lidija started to warm up to the idea. I would hold her under the arms and she would walk her feet like she was skating with me skating her along. Bexley wouldn’t leave Tyson’s arms. She didn’t even want to touch the ice with her skates. As he lowered her closer she would start to cry and lift her legs like you were dipping her into boiling lava. She loved the smooth motion of floating around so that is what we did.

There was a nicely shovelled off area where a hockey net was set up that had smooth ice and only a couple cracks. Other side of this area was rather bumpy and challenging to keep your balance on. We had bundled up for the -7, but with the sun shining strong we were quickly taking off layers and taking in the warm rays. Just before leaving we removed the girls skates and put them back into their boots. Here they felt much more confident as they ran and ran with excitement.

Day one on skates we feel was a success. No one was hurt, the tears were controlled and the first baby step we take towards easing the girls into a new activity was achieved. Best of all though, a perfect way to enjoy a sunny weekend, and making memories that for sure the grandparents will remember forever.

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