Sovereign Lake Cross Country Ski

Getting out for a cross country ski is always enjoyable. But getting out for a cross country ski with a set of twin girls is getting a bit trickier. Lacking any sort of luxuries like trailers or sleighs, it only leaves us with a back pack each.

The forecast predicted a cold spell heading our direction over the next few days so we chose to get out now. The weather was mild, -5°C, so we drove the 25kms up to Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre to get the family out for some fresh air. It was now snowing when we arrived. Covid protocols were in place so we pre-paid for our day passes online then activated them at the outside counter upon arrival. Once the girls were all bundled up and loaded into the Dueter packs we clicked into our skis and headed onto the freshly groomed trails.

We figured a nice loop would be to head out to the Black Prince cabin. That way we could maybe stop for some hot chocolate, a snack and a little warmup. This loop on Woodland Bell and Black Prince is a nice little trail winding through the trees with some moderate ups and downs.

We have both skied and snow shoed with the girls on our backs in the past and always have the same troubles. While us two are always moving and working hard the girls are just dangling stagnant and feeling the cold. Dressing them for the conditions is always controversial.

After a little over an hour on the tracks we arrived at the cabin. By now the melting snow on all our faces was very chilling and the girls were starting to complain about cold feet and fingers. With the girls off loaded we served up some hot chocolate that we brought along and had some snacks as well. There is a wood burning stove within the building but as no one had started fire yet the air was still chilling. A fire was an option but with intentions of only being there for one mug of cocoa the building would not have increased in temperatures much if we had.

After 30 minutes of rubbing feet and cuddling the little ones we loaded back up our gear and headed back out to the elements. The snow had stopped falling by now and our return route had us all alone. With blanketed trees and muffled sounds from the snow, it is always so peaceful. The silence was broken however shortly by the cry of our toddlers. They didn’t find the winter serenity as remarkable as we did and wanted to be back at the truck ASAP. We returned back to a full parking lot, sandwiches at bay and a truck warming little feet.

We drove down the hill towards the valley bottom into early spring conditions, most of the snow had melted, the yellow grass was showing and the city is functioning as normal. It is amazing how so much changes in terms of weather, scenery and lifestyle if you are just willing to get out and allow it all to happen.

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