The Town of Chemainus

Tyson has been working on Vancouver Island since the beginning of March. The girls have been really missing him so we decided to pack up, jump on the ferry and go stay with him. He is staying in the Best Western Plus in Chemainus. He has a suite with separate king room, kitchen with a dishwasher even, with a nice living room and balcony with a view of the ocean. Plenty of room of us all. And most importantly there is also a pool and hot tub here that is open (with restrictions).

The first few days we were here Tyson was still going to work so the girls and I kept busy by exploring the town. I would pop them in the jogging stroller and away we would venture winding up and down the streets following the yellow footprints checking out all the cool murals and manicured hedges.

We found a cool labyrinth for them to run and burn off some energy as well at Kin Beach which had a nice playground right on the ocean. I will also note that there are many public washrooms around. This is an added bonus with one potty trained child.

We were quite fortunate to have great weather these two days that brought lots of sunshine for us to be outside. We definitely found more than enough to pass the time while Tyson was working.

The flowers are already in full bloom around here making it really feel like spring.

We are still on the hunt for sea lions, which hopefully we will find in the next few days. We did manage to see four sea lions heads poking out of the water on the ferry over but the girls are on a mission to see more.

Stay tuned for more blog posts of this trip.

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