Askew Creek Park in Chemainus

This park is located right in the heart of Chemainus, a small town located just 30 minutes drive south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Ialand. The park is a hidden little gem worth stopping in to see. You can find the entrance at the corner of Chemainus Road and Oak Street.

I was out for a jog with the girls when I stumbled upon this place so decided to veer in and check it out. It is stroller friendly for the most part with access right to the creek.

Although having a rather small footprint, park details claim 8 km of walking/hiking trails that wind through towering western red cedars and Douglas Furs. The ground is full with dense foliage, the twisting Askew creek with benches to sit and take in the scenery.

The girls enjoying running through the forest, collecting pine cones, and throwing rocks in the creek.

If you are spending any time in the area or even passing through on to one of the larger communities I would highly recommend stopping in, stretching your legs and enjoying this little pocket of wilderness that is hidden in plain sight.

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