Bluenose Hike

Mid spring conditions make for a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy some of the amazing mountain scenery. Just like our previous hike up Mt. Rose Swanson we are looking for an opportunity to have our two young girls get out and off our backs for a while. Well that was the intention anyways. This time we ventured east to Lavington and up Bluenose Mountain. This hike we did a couple of years back as well so if you are looking for more trip details and a short video click here!

This time around our adventurous neighbour, Bruce, decided to join our little family circus for the hike. Once in the parking lot the girls new exactly what needed to be done. Lidija hit the dirt running and Bexley spotted the carrier and made it very clear that she was getting loaded up from the start. We set off on foot for the steep and switchbacking journey to the summit of the first of three peeks. Bexley was more than happy to get out at the top and wander around freely. There were however some cliff edges in the area so extra care was added to teach the girls about safe distances and such.

Summit #1

After a light snack, some water and one of the girls loaded in the pack we were off for the third summit.

The second summit, like stated on the previous write up, is located on private land so is best avoided. A short descent then a mid way false summit has the trail turning back on itself again until the trees open up and the amazing snow capped Monashee Mountains come into view. The trail was getting a bit to steep for the traction on Lidija’s little feet so eventually after 250m of elevation gain and over 3kms of hiking her frustration was setting in and she started to hitch a ride.

Summit #2

It was here that we noticed that we actually left our lunch back in the truck, so the last of our snacks and water it was then. After a 30 minute relax we continued on completing our 4.5km loop with breaks in a little over 3 hours and finished our hike off with a tail gate party to fill the hunger gap. Like we stated before, this hike gives you an amazing chance to get out and take in nature without having to drive too far into the bush. Perfect for afternoon trips and time fillers. Just be sure to bring your water if you plan on heading out in the summer heat.

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