Sanur: Bali, Indonesia

After a long travel day of waiting, ferry and trying to figure out the transfer, we finally made it to Nesa Sanur hotel in Sanur. What a welcoming little gem with a perfect place to relax by the pool surrounded by the courtyard. This hotel was and easy five minute walk from the beach. Along with plenty of shops to walk through and restaurants to enjoy, as well as groceries just up the road.

Sanur is a place you come to relax, use to catch a ferry, or surf. Our main purpose to come here was to spend the last of our days relaxing poolside or at the beach and to also meet up with a friend we met through Instagram. We wanted to just hang out and let our kids play together.

Bexley woke up middle of the night sick again from what we can only assume was bad food, so the whole next day didn’t venture far relaxing around the shaded pool and in the room. I went out for my early morning jog which always allows me to scope out the area and figure out where things are and help decide what we do. Sanur has a wonderful paved pathway that runs along the waters edge that is perfect for early morning jogging.

Breakfast was included in our stay where we were able to pick from a few different choices to share with the girls.

We spent a lot of time between the beach and the hotel pool. We found a great spot under an amazing tree that not only gave us shade but was also a great to climb on and keep the girls entertained.

We are lots of delicious meals from the surrounding restaurants. One of our favourite places, The White Orchid had a daily special of a chicken burger with fries and an iced tea for 35,000 IDR. We ate here quite a few times as this deal was to tough and tasty to pass up.

Tyson found a little hole in the wall restaurant, Warung Rainbow and they made some delicious authentic Indonesian food. He recommends the Cap Cay with steamed rice. We also tried Nori Bali right across the street for their sushi roles on more than one occasion.

After three nights we had to switched hotels due to lack of vacancy at Nesa. We only moved next door to Taman Agung Hotel. This hotel was equally as pleasant with two pools and delicious breakfast menu however being much larger in size tends to loose its homeliness feel. The rooms were large and good quality and the balcony made for pleasant evening when the girls fast asleep inside.

The rain started to be a bit more frequent these coming days so we needed to be a bit more strategic with our plans. While we could always swim in the rain and beach as well, we spent down time in the hotel room. The tropical downpours are something that you do not want to get caught in unprepared. The girls spent time with their learning books, coloured and played with their Plus Plus blocks creating various imaginative things. Not to mention pretending to make phone calls back to grandparents and cousins.

We met up with Wild Adventure Mum and her kids a few times. We all had so much fun hanging out and exchanging stories of all our adventures. We really hope to be able to meet up again somewhere else in the world one day.

Our time had eventually come to leave Sanur and head back to Kuta where we would spend our final two nights in Indonesia before flying to Bangkok, Thailand for whatever comes next.

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