Denison Lake and Camels Hump – May 2019

We started out the morning set on a day hike to Denison Lake. From what we read the trailhead starts roughly 14km off the paved road just outside of Lumby, B.C. We followed our “Hiking in the Okanagan and the Southern Monashees” book directions, and once we got to the 7.0 km marker off the main FSR spur we noticed that the narrow road had been deactivated. If we were to park here and hike in it would add another 4 km to our already 9 km hike planned and this was a bit more than what we were prepared for. A change of plans was in order so we decided to abandon this hike and head over to Camels Hump which was just across the valley.

We had both done this hike a few times before so knew what to expect, but this time were packing 11 month olds in tow. The road to get to Camels hump had a wash out a year or so prior but fortunately all repairs had been completed. For about the last half kilometer or so a 4WD vehicle would be needed as the road was very bumpy and lumpy with a huge puddle to cross as well. We made it to the parking lot, quickly loaded up the girls on our fronts in the Onya carriers and threw our day packs on our backs. We had to move rather promptly as the mosquitos were swarming with a vengeance. The heat was tolerable at around 22 degrees Celsius but there was no breeze so the little pests came on strong. As we climbed our way to the top of the first hump we past many wildflowers in bloom.

This was a quick 30 mins to there where we stopped to take in the view and scout out the second hump. From here the trail dropped down steeply into the saddle of the humps before ascending back up the second hump. Another 30 minutes or so had us on the top where a helipad and BC Hydro tower stood. We wandered over the the edge where a make shift bench had been created and sat to enjoyed a picnic lunch we had packed. The girls rested pleasantly from their climb and took in the view while stuffing their faces with cheese strings.

It was a rather smoky day so our view was limited as usually you can take in the Monashees mountain range as well at the Coldstream valley in the opposite direction. The smoke was coming from some rather early wildfires that are burning in Alberta.

This hike is overall a really great day hike with packing kids. It would be a bit of a struggle with younger children having to walk on their own only because of the uphill steeps where they may tiring easily. There is also a fair amount of exposed cliff edges to be weary of. The majority of the hike is in the shade of the trees, but depending on the season make sure to bring your bug spray as the mosquitos can be relentless. The total hike to the top of the second hump is roughly 3km and the combined elevation gain after all your ups and downs results in 525m.

4 thoughts on “Denison Lake and Camels Hump – May 2019

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